What Are Sleep Disorders?

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Have you lost the ability to sleep well on a regular basis? Do you feel that the quality of your sleep is impacted due to some health problem or by too much stress? Well then, chances are, you are experiencing one of the sleep disorders that are very common across the world. Cases of people having sleeping difficulties are rising at an alarming rate and this phenomenon is universal.

Furthermore, occasional sleeping problems are nothing new as they result from lifestyles changes, stress, busy schedules and other outside stimulants. However, when the problems start occurring more frequently, you know that it may be a sleeping disorder. In such cases, falling asleep becomes increasingly difficult and sufferers are bound to feel fatigued and exhausted in its wake.

In fact, the lack of sleep often has a negative impact on overall health apart from sapping the energy levels and making it hard to concentrate. If the disorder is not due to another medical or psychological condition, it can then go away with a treatment involving medication and lifestyle changes.

Symptoms of sleep disorders

There are many health consequences if sleep disorders are not treated in a timely manner. Those plagued by the problem often fail to perform daily activities with the same zest and vigour needed and their quality of life gets hampered in a big way. That’s why any sleep disorder symptoms should not be ignored as the problem treated at the earliest.

Here are some general symptoms of sleep disorders –

  • Symptoms will vary depending on the intensity and severity of the problem
  • One of the major symptoms is facing difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Experiencing daytime fatigue which stretches throughout the day
  • Intense urge to catch some naps during the day
  • A feeling of constant irritability
  • Feeling anxiety
  • Failing to maintain concentration
  • Depression

Causes of sleep disorders

Sleep disturbances may not be fatal in nature but they can have a profound impact on the overall health. They can be caused by a number of diseases or conditions.

Here are some common causes of sleep disorders –

  • Health problems that make breathing at night challenging such as allergies, cold and respiratory issues
  • Not being able to breathe through the nose is one of the leading causes of sleep disorders
  • Sleep can also get disturbed in cases where people suffer from nocturia & have the urge of frequent urination
  • Chronic pain arising out of some medical problems such as arthritis, headache or lower back pain etc. may suffer from sleep disturbances of frequent nature
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression are one of the major reasons of sleep disorders

Common sleep disorders

Sleep disorders can be of different types depending on the nature and intensity. They all are treatable with medication and lifestyle changes. Those caused by some underlying medical conditions need immediate consultation from an expert.

There are five common sleep disorders, including –

1#   Insomnia

The inability to fall asleep or remain asleep at night is referred to insomnia. This general sleep disorder can be caused by stress, anxiety or some health condition. Depression is also among the leading causes of this health problem. No matter what has caused this innocuous sleep problem, you will just have to bring some lifestyle changes to treat it.

2#    Sleep Apnea

Pauses in breathing during sleep are known as sleep apnea. This is a common and treatable disorder in which the breathing stops during sleep to make people awake on a frequent basis. Those who suffer from it are not able to remember the sleep disturbances yet feel fatigued throughout the day leading to mood changes depression and loss in productivity. There is sleep apnea machine to get help in such conditions.

3#    Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

The strong urge of moving the legs or arms at night is actually a sleep disorder going by the name of restless legs syndrome (RLS). This symptom is often accompanied by aching or tingling sensation in legs. This condition is not dangerous and even curable at home with some slight changes to lifestyles and sleep patterns.

4#    Narcolepsy

Sleep attacks during the day are actually a sleep disorder by the name of narcolepsy. Those who suffer from it feel excessive sleepiness during the daytime. In fact, those suffering from this disease may have sleep attacks while they work, talk or drive. This problem is associated with neurological disorders and may also cause sleep paralysis where the troubled may find it hard to move after waking up.

5#    Parasomnias

Abnormal movements during sleep are not uncommon. Many people are troubled by this sleep disorder or un-harmful variety. They may sleepwalk or sleep talk, or even groan during their sleep. Some even experience bedwetting and nightmares while teeth clenching or jaw clenching is not uncommon too. All these problems go by the name of parasomnias but they are not harmful in any way.

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