Why is Coding Becoming So Popular with Millennials & Other Young People?

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More and more young people are becoming interested in the learning economy to supplement the education needed in today’s world. It is no secret that many young people are looking to work online, and one of the most lucrative tasks is computer coding. Still, understanding what is driving millennials to coding should encourage others to follow this trend because this group is now the largest generation.

Why are Millennials Turning to Coding?

Many young people are embracing the future, which makes it easy for them to look at the internet as a viable way of making money. The old way of thinking, which says that a person should have a regular 9 to 5 is not a model that many young people buy into any more. Many of them want to be able to work from home or at an office with flexible hours. A person who may want to work and still take college classes, for example, may still want to work a 40-hour workload, but work nontraditional hours—such as evenings or split shifts.

Also, many of them realize that coding is one of the most lucrative tasks to learn and can be adapted into many fields. Millennials want a job that they can use for work and themselves. This skill gives this group of people a tool that they can use for their own personal projects.

Does Money Play a Role?

Young people know how fragile the US economy really is. After all, many of them were able to see the effects of the recession that happened from December 2007 to June 2009 and caused many of them or their parents to lose their jobs, have the value of their homes decreased, and other such consequences that occurred. Having a skill that is easily transferable makes the skill safe, but millennials are also thinking about skills that they can use to create their own sources of income. Skilled coders can freelance along with their jobs and also startup their own websites.

At the moment, many young people are doing their best to create multiple streams of income to ensure that they have enough money for expenses, investing, and saving. Some of the largest cities are seeing spikes in housing and the overall cost of living, which is also taking a toll on millennials. Sure, this may not be motivating all millennials, but it is likely a contributing factor for some—especially since skills that pay are highly sought after.

What is the Learning Economy?

The learning economy is just one byproduct of the way that millennials interact with the world. It is likely that people already know something about the car-sharing and home-sharing applications out there. These applications gave millennials an opportunity to share what they own and only pay for what they need. So basically, it is the way that people go about getting the education that they need without necessarily needing to enroll in a collegiate institution.

The educational world is going through its own metamorphosis due to the influence of millennials. Young people are not wasting their time getting a degree in computer science but rather seeking classes that teach them what they need, such as an AngularJS course. Such classes are short, sweet, and to the point compared to the drawn-out classes that they’d otherwise take at universities.

Taking courses in various aspects of coding help them to obtain such skills faster and to focus on exactly what they want or need to. They also realize that information can become outdated just a few years after graduating from college, and so those who do end up getting degrees are also likely to enroll in additional courses to stay updated with additional information.

Life Goals Are a Factor

Many millennials want the freedom to apply their skills to the jobs that they currently have and hope to one day have, but they also want the safety of being able to move or travel anywhere that they please. This group is looking to move away from inner cities and live in remote areas. As mentioned previously, some of them are hoping to work from home for various reasons—parenthood, being introverted, being able to work on their own schedule, etc.

One of the reasons this is happening deals with the rise in city living, which is what most young people are drawn to. Yet, big city living has its issues when it comes to the employed: traffic, long commutes, more competition, etc. Coding is one skill that can definitely solve some of the issues that millennials are having. This job can be done from home, and they can move wherever they want without worrying about commuting to work.

It is clear that millennials have a particular mindset. They have aspirations that have been shaped by today’s economic reality. The shift young people represent is no doubt going to change the way America works, and change is sometimes exciting!

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Vectorcentral.com. Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.