Will Glitter Makeup Be The New Trend For 2017?

Woman wearing glitter makeup image

Over the passing years the popularity of glitter makeup has soared. It seems that now more than ever, adding a touch of sparkle with glitter is becoming the most sought after makeup trend. Once upon a time people shied away from excess sparkle, saving it for special occasions and fancy dress, but now we are reaching for the pots of glitter in our makeup bags at any chance we can.

Music culture… the dawn of glitter makeup:

Music culture has opened the door for glitter makeup lovers over the passing years. Starting small with music festivals, this trend has quickly spread to people wearing glitter to cover their roots, swapping their highlighter for glitter and carrying the pots of the stuff to exotic over-seas places such as Ibiza and Croatia.

Picture this, you are three days into Glastonbury, the sun is high in the sky and your face is covered in glittery patterns that sparkle in the light. Or you’re in your favourite music venue watching a DJ and your cheekbones are freckled with multi-coloured sparkles, what could be better than this?

2017 could be the year of breaking through the festival barrier and letting glitter replace our everyday makeup! Recently a British makeup artist Katy Butt reached the highest pinnacle of glitter-wearing, by applying different shades all over her face. Although this will have resulted in a tiresome effort of glitter removal, numerous makeup wipes and weeks of finding glitter on her clothes, her bed and her hair it goes to show that there are no bounds to this makeup trend.

If you love glitter so much that it makes you want to cry, then dry your eyes! It turns out that glitter tears are a real thing. Marie Claire featured an article which showcased images of “glitter tears”, this look has a real disco vibe that can be adapted for everyday wear – maybe to hide your tired eyes or even just to brighten up your Monday!

How the glitter trend is transforming:

Thousands of people are turning towards glitter as a new and exciting way to apply makeup, but why is this? In We Are Social’s latest figure report it was revealed that there are over 14 million monthly active users for Instagram in the UK, with a slight bias leaning towards female users, so could this be a key reason for the popularity of the trend?

Makeup trends change on a daily basis, from contouring to strobing we have seen and tried them all. Instagram is filled with makeup artists and tutorial videos which mark and influence the changing trends. The short clips, images and videos are posted by influencers and makeup artists with the purpose of showcasing the latest trends and how you can achieve them.

We are calling for glitter lovers to continue to break the trend out of the confinements of music festivals and to let glitter spill out onto the streets and our social media profiles to everyday wear. Find your inspiration and cover it in glitter!

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Vectorcentral.com. Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.