Winter Wisdom: Crucial Tips For Removing Hibernating Pests From Your Home

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The winter season is a good time for pests to want to come inside your home. They want to get out of the cold air, and they will be looking for any small hole that they can find on the outside of the home so that they can hibernate indoors. Keep up with the maintenance of the home before winter arrives so that you don’t have to deal with mice, or other animals and pests that want to share your house in the winter.

Preparing your house for winter can sometimes be an overwhelming thing, but there are various ways that you can do this easily. Below we discussed simple ways to help you prepare your house for winter and avoid pests.

Securing The Outside

Make sure all of the holes around the home are sealed and that there aren’t any areas where pests can get inside. Check behind pieces of furniture, in the basement and in the attic to ensure that there aren’t any areas where pests can sneak inside. Caulk can be used on smaller areas while you want to use the same material of the home if there is a larger hole, such as brick or siding.

Leaf Piles

The piles of leaves that you see in the yard would make a good nest for any critters that want to linger in the winter. While the leaves are still outside in the cold, an animal could build the leaves to a cozy nest for the season. After all the leaves have fallen from the trees, get them removed so that they aren’t on the property. This also goes for any wood piles.

Professional Help

If you simply don’t have the time to protect the home or if there are already pests inside, then you might want to call professionals like those found at All Seasons Pest Control. A pest control company can set traps around the home to prevent animals from getting inside or use safe items inside the home to get animals out.

Larger animals that get in the basement, attic or closets might require a trap to be set so that they can be captured in a safe manner before the pest control company lets them go in an area away from the home.

Decreasing Moisture

In the winter, the air tends to be a bit drier, and there is often a lack of water in some areas due to no rain or the water that is available is frozen. Even pests need water to drink, so they look to homes and buildings for a water source. Look for any leaks in the home that would mean water to stand, which is a source of drinking water for pests.

Your home is an oasis for pests in the winter. You want to walk around the home to make sure that there are no areas where critters can get inside. Take away all of their comforts as well because they will be looking for anything to make them warm.

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