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Woodworking4Home is a comprehensive woodworking plans package that will help the beginner or seasoned expert on a multitude of wood related projects. From arbors to wishing wells, from knife blocks to windmills, we are surrounded by beautiful and practical objects constructed of wood. Musical instruments, toys, furniture, buildings – there is hardly anything that a good woodworker cannot produce with his own hands.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of becoming such a woodworker, that the mere idea is laughable? You were born with ten thumbs and cannot envisage yourself even beginning to undertake such projects?

Well, think again. All you need to become a good woodworker are the same tools that the experts use. A framing nailer or nail gun, as it is more typically known, is one such tool that will make your woodworking tasks so much easier. Then of course you need good plans to assist you from the very beginning of your project to its ultimate conclusion.

Have you ever found that a thread that you are trying to screw a bolt into has worn out and simply will not take the bolt anymore? This is when you will have a need for a quality tap and die set. With these tools you will be able to fix existing internal threads or even cut new ones for everything from screws and bolts as well as numerous difficult to find threaded fasteners.

All professional woodworkers depend on good-quality blueprints, instructions and diagrams. Amateur woodworkers often give up projects because they literally fail to go to plan; all their efforts, corded drill, tools and equipment turn out to be useless without proper instructions.

Woodworking4Home was set up by a professional woodworker, John Metz, after he became disappointed by confusing diagrams and plans that left out vital information. He was also shocked by the high prices charged for ready-made wooden items. After a particularly frustrating attempt to build a deck (after four months of hard labour and still no end in sight, he gave it up) he decided there must be a better way. And then he made an amazing decision: he would create the ultimate in woodworking plans – totally clear, step-by-step, utterly reliable – to ensure that anyone who followed them, even complete beginners, would complete their projects successfully.

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Just browse through the list on the website and let your imagination take over. You could choose to build a new bookcase, a beehive, or a media center. You could pick something for yourself or your family, or something to give away as a gift. You could choose toys for children, a doghouse for a pet, or a boat for a keen sailor. So long as you have reliable plans, none of these projects should be beyond you.

It took John six years to put together a comprehensive collection of plans. They include photographs and diagrams showing every detail of each project clearly. There really is no possibility of going wrong at any stage of any plan.

John’s plans currently cost just $49 for the complete 14,000-plan set. This is an incredible bargain that won’t last indefinitely, so if you think you may ever be interested, it’s a good idea to invest in them now. This is the only payment you will make – there are no recurring fees or similar. And because the plans are so reliable and comprehensive, John has never hesitated to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Just send an e-mail and you’ll get every penny back, no questions asked.

Once you order, you’ll get instant access to all the plans. These include streaming video tutorials, e-books, and further resources and bonuses. The package is supplied on a DVD-ROM suitable for PCs.

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