World Team Builder Review – What’s It All About?

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Product Name: World Team Builder
Vendors: Not Known
Product Type: Team Building Site
Website: Go Here
Launch Date: 16th April 2015
Price: FREE

83 Million people, 180 Countries, a team building system that is a network marketing dream!

World Team Builder

This company has brought together a number of top network marketing leaders and computer programmers who have created a revolutionary new system that will allow you to build your team before you take up the official network marketing opportunity. The network marketing industry has been waiting for the ultimate online FREE team building system.

Joining a network marketing opportunity and then trying to build your team is an outdated model contributing to the 92% drop out rate from the amazing network marketing industry. Well that is about to change! Use this FREE World Team Builder system to construct your team first. Structure your team before you take up the official opportunity. Once your team is built simply move your team from World Team Builder into the official network marketing opportunity generating you an income immediately; no waiting months to make your first commission cheque. Start enjoying your commission income from day 1.

This World Team Builder system will show you in real time your potential income. See your potential income rise daily, the size of your potential team, your team structure, the potential commissions you could make once you join the official network marketing opportunity with your team. This unique system will allow you to see your team members, their name, email address, country and all you need to reach out to your team members. You have the opportunity to use this FREE World Team Building System and share it with as many people as you can around the world. Everyone joining will have their own FREE World Team Builder website.

Once you have joined World Team Builder you will have all the tools you need to build your team:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Email swipes
  • Promotional Videos
  • Tips & Advice

Using the power of social media, personal contacts, the internet and this unique system you will be able to see the potential commissions you could make before you join the official network marketing opportunity. If you have been involved with a network marketing company before and it did not work for you then try out this FREE World Team Builder system. It is a unique system that can change the way you build your team.

Join World Team Builder for FREE and take the first step towards building a true global income.

The Network Marketing Failure Rate

World Team Builder BannerThe failure rate in network marketing is extremely high at around 92%. There are a number of reasons why so many fail but the main one is because they are not making any money. Why are they not making any money? This is typically because they haven’t built a large, strong team that will generate them an income. It really doesn’t matter how good the network marketing company and pay plan is because if you are unable to build a team, you are never going to be a success in MLM.

The following process is the way that most individuals approach network marketing:

  • Research a number of network marketing opportunities
  • Join your chosen opportunity and pay your joining fee
  • Start building your team

This 1-2-3 route is very typical but it is at stage 3 where the large majority of individuals struggle and ultimately drop out. This means that most people never get to experience the excitement and earning potential that a good network marketing company can bring.

World Team Builder quite simply turns this 1-2-3 process on its head and makes it a 3-2-1 process instead. Doesn’t it make far more sense to build your team ahead of joining a quality network marketing opportunity? Would this not be a far more sensible route to go down?

There is no point, however, in building a large team if you are then going to introduce this team to a second rate network marketing opportunity. Thankfully World Team Builder has selected an opportunity that ticks a number of essential boxes:

  • A Worldwide Opportunity
  • A solid, well established, listed company
  • A product with mass market appeal
  • A number of income streams
  • Weekly commission pay outs

What Do We Think Of The World Team Builder System?


  • Building a team prior to joining a network marketing company makes perfect sense in principle
  • FREE to join


  • Not being told the name of the network marketing opportunity that you are building a team for
  • Limited information about the people/company behind World Team Builder


In principle we like what these guys are setting out to do; eradicate the high network marketing drop out rate by helping people build a team ahead of joining a quality network marketing opportunity. We are not so sure about the company withholding the name of the opportunity that you are ultimately building a team for though.

However, when all is said and done, this is a FREE team building opportunity that is well worth taking a look at especially as it has only just launched. We would also like to know some detail about the people behind this operation but this would not stop us from joining and at least checking it out. Our verdict is to give it a go as you have very little to lose.

Join World Team Builder

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.