WP Conversion Boxes Pro Plugin – High Converting Email Optin and CTA Boxes For Your Website

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Product name: WP Conversion Boxes Pro
Vendor: Ram Shengale
Product Type: List Building
Website: Go Here
Launch Date: 4th January 2015
Price: $47-$97

Lots of friends and followers, but no sales?

It’s great to attract a multitudinous following to your blog, but if your visitors aren’t buying your product or service, what’s the point?

If this is your problem, you are far from alone. It just takes a little know-how to turn things around.

One of the most important strategies around is “Conversion.” This means converting people who simply view your blog, into people who interact with it, sign up for newsletters, click on buttons and ultimately buy your products.

There are two main ways of achieving this: offering viewers email opt-in forms (such as those you fill in, in order to sign up for a newsletter) or call-to-action (CTA) buttons (which viewers click on in order to make a purchase or otherwise engage).

A new product has just been launched which can make an enormous difference, using the power of Conversions, to your blog. It’s called WP Conversion Boxes Pro, and it’s activated by a simple little WordPress plug-in. It takes hardly any effort to switch on, but the results can be amazing.

The idea is to catch visitors’ attention by fixing a flashing Conversion box to the top of your blog (or wherever else people are most likely to see it). There are various settings to boost Conversions further — for example, the “slide-in” option moves conversion boxes from side to side, or up and down; again, all helping to catch the eye of anyone viewing your blog.

Create Four Different Types of Conversion Boxes ImageYou can put the boxes almost anywhere, where you think they’ll do most good — underneath individual posts, on the sidebar, nestled within the content, or as a special feature box at the top of your home page. Every blog is different, so the system is deliberately made as adaptable as possible.

As well as Converting viewers into buyers, WP Conversion Boxes Pro has a powerful tracking system built in. This provides the data you need to recognise and refine your most successful strategies, or to spot if any views/sales patterns emerge that you might make use of.

This data includes, for example, how many people visit the page holding a particular conversion box; how many see the box, how many click on a particular CTA button, and how many fill in email opt-in box. If you know which elements work best for you, you’re halfway to a world beating blog.

So, what can you do with WP Conversion Boxes Pro?

Set up email opt-in boxes. NB. the system works with all major email providers; you don’t have to worry about setting up connections to email systems

  • Set up call-to-action (CTA) boxes
  • Create as many customised boxes as you want
  • Place them anywhere in your blog
  • Include videos. You can actually create four different types of box: CTA; video CTA (catch viewers’ attention with a video); email opt-in; and video email opt-in.

You can choose and/or change the appearance of Conversion box headers, content, images, video and CTA buttons, however you like. If you’ve ever used a word-processing package, you’ll easily recognise and use most of the elements; e.g. font size and type, line height, text alignment and background colour, plus box height/width/margin/borders and so on.

WP Conversion Boxes Pro Templates ImageOver 30 attractive templates are available; all of them tested and industry standard. You can either choose one of these or, for those who fancy creating something unique to their blog, you can customise the elements still further by creating new options. It’s all run on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) lines, so it couldn’t be simpler to see exactly what you’re doing.

If your blog already has email opt-ins and CTA buttons, an advanced template system will let you stick with your existing designs, but add in the more advanced and effective managing and tracking systems that come with WP Conversion Boxes Pro.

Finally, if you’re just not that confident about choosing or creating a suitable template, the makers of WP Conversion Boxes Pro will make one for you for just $49.

Finally, just flick the Go Live switch, sit back and wait for the results to come in!

Just to let you know, WP Conversion Boxes Pro was developed by a businessman who has spent the past five years working with hundreds of online businesses, increasing conversions on their blogs and maximising their marketing strategies.

Powerful Conversion Tracking System Image

Download the plugin from wordpress.org. The Basic package is on special offer right now, for just $27 (a $40 saving on the regular price of $67). The Professional package is available for $37 (regular price $97) or, for $67 you can get the most popular package: the Developer package (reduced from $147).

There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee if your Conversion rates aren’t significantly boosted within that time but, if you’re still not sure, you can even try out the Lite package which is free of charge: it offers 18 box templates instead of 30 and is integrated with three email providers only. And if you do like it, you can always upgrade at a later date.

To start adding high converting email opt in and CTA boxes to your website or blog, come and take a look at the WP Conversion Boxes Pro plug-in today!

Note: The WP Conversion Boxes Pro Plugin is no longer available for sale. However, we have sourced a similar but far better web conversion product that is very popular. Check out Instapage today!

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