Zukul Ad Network Income Report Monday 17 October 2016

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Welcome to week 27 of our Zukul Ad Network video income diary. Business continues to be fairly tough as Ad Pack returns remain very low at present and as a result the income that we are taking from the business is also down. Our total Ad Pack returns since the launch of Zukul Ad Network on April 1st 2016 now stands at $12,507.43. There has only been an $80.60 or 0.6% increase in the past 6 days since our last income video diary.

Although we are a little disappointed at the the state of the Zukul Ad Network business at present, we are confident that we will see an upturn in fortunes towards the end of the year as we know that the company is working on a number of plans to improve all aspects of the business.

There are now 6 payment options for uploading funds to your Zukul Ad Network account but currently only 1 method for withdrawing funds. Additional withdrawing options will be added shortly.

A new blogging system is soon to be added to the business. This will include a comprehensive database of 3rd party websites that advertisers will be able to purchase advertisements on. A percentage of of all advertising spend will go towards the purchasing of Ad Packs to help drive the Rev Share side of the business.

A Zukul Ad Network App is also planned to truly take this business mobile and really open it up to those who choose to run their businesses via mobile devices.

So, although business at Zukul Ad Network is a little slow at the moment, we have real faith in Jeremy Rush and his team to turn this business around in a big way!

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