Zukul Gold Compensation Plan

Zukul Gold Coins Image

Start Accruing Gold With Just a €40 One Time Investment!

The Zukul Gold compensation plan is unlike so many other opportunities on the market today because you do not have to pay a monthly subscription to gain access to this powerful plan.

In fact, you only need to pay a one-time €40 to get involved and start working this business. The idea of the plan is to work your way through the 7 coins in the compensation plan and it is possible once you have completed your 7th coin to have accrued €1000,000 in gold/cash from this lucrative business.

Each coin is complete once you have sponsored 3 members who in turn each sponsor 3 members of their own, making a total of 12 in each coin. Once you have achieved this in coin 1 you receive a reward, part of which pays for your entry into coin 2 whilst also paying to keep you in coin 1. As you move up through the coins you also accrue gold or the cash equivalent if you choose.

Once your 12 members from coin 1 have qualified their positions i.e. filled coin 1 with 12 members each, they will follow you into coin 2 and so on. In essence, your 12 members from coin 1 can follow your right the way through to coin 7 if they do exactly what you do and qualify their positions in each of the coins.

Use your own affiliate link and/or buy your down line

One of the great benefits of the Zukul Gold compensation plan is that you can recruit new members in to the business in two ways. You can use you own Zukul Gold affiliate link and you can buy your downline members for $49.95 each if you choose. You can use either method or a combination of the two; the choice is entirely yours!

Come and learn more about Zukul Gold today by becoming a member the One Link Family, the official Zukul Facebook Group.

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