Review of the Zukul Guaranteed Signups System

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Product Name: Zukul – Guaranteed Signups
Vendor: Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom
Product Type: MLM Company
Website: Go Here
Launch Date: 28th September 2015
Price: $49.95 one time plus $50 monthly membership

Millions of people around the world have and continue to join MLM (network marketing) businesses with the primary goal of earning extra income. Sadly, 95% of those who join such programs end up failing having earned little or no money at all. The simple main reason why so many of these people don’t succeed is because they fail to recruit. However, Zukul with their Guaranteed Signups system believe that they have found the solution to this recruitment problem that leads to the failure of the large majority of individuals who enter MLM.

How does the Zukul Guaranteed Signups system work?

To get involved in the Zukul Guaranteed Signups system there is a 2 part payment process:

1. Firstly, you need to visit the Guaranteed Signups site where you will make a one time payment of £49.95 for a Guaranteed Signups pack. This money is placed in a fund called the Traffic System which is an advertising fund used to secure the signups for your Zukul business.

2. Secondly, you need to take out the intermediate membership with Zukul that will cost you $50 per month. We will talk a little more about the Zukul product later in this review.

This two part payment process is totally seamless meaning that once you have completed part 1 or the process, you will automatically be taken to part 2. The great thing is that there is a video tutorial at every stage that shows you precisely what to do.

Although these signups are guaranteed, there is no set time period in which these signups will be delivered. You may therefore have to pay your $50 Zukul subscription for 3-4 months before your Guaranteed Signups are delivered.

Team Building on Autopilot

Once you receive your Guaranteed Signups and your membership is covered, the same process then takes place for the new individuals in your downline. Your team is now building on autopilot and precisely no recruitment is required from any of the membership. Each member has a 3×10 funnel at their disposal so you can really get a sense of where this business can go in time.

What is Zukul?

Zukul is one of the largest Traffic Generating and Lead Management software platforms on the web today. It also provides educational training products and services to online marketers, regardless of their level of expertise.

As part of the Zukul Intermediate membership you will receive 8 marketing software products and tools, including social media-marketing systems, a landing page creator, viral blogging system, auto responder and video training courses. This software suite offers you everything that you will ever need to promote the business of your choice whether it is an online or offline business.

Zukul is constantly improving and adding to their software programs but the $50 Intermediate subscription always stays the same price.

This all sounds great but are members actually receiving their Guaranteed Signups?

More than 2000 people have joined the program since its launch in September 2015 and hundreds have already received their signups and many have great stories to tell. But please don’t take our word for it; just head on over to the One Link Family and see the income testimonials and stories for yourselves.

What does the future hold for the Zukul Guaranteed Signups business?

We listen in to the company driven Google hangouts that take place 6 nights a week and Zukul’s inspirational co-owner, Jeremy Rush, has some pretty amazing plans for this company that go far beyond the current format. In April 2016 Zukul launched a whole new business which is an advertising platform and Rev Share combined and goes by the name of Zukul Ad Network. Find out more about this business by visiting the following links:

Zukul Ad Network (ZAN)Website and Facebook Page

With Zukul Ad Network members also have the option of buying their downline via packs known as Paid Traffic Placements (PTPs).

What is our opinion of the Zukul Guaranteed Signups System?

As internet marketers we know all to well about the incredibly high failure rate in MLM and Zukul sure are making a concerted effort to bring back a high level of credibility to the industry. We check out the One Link Family Facebook page every few days and there is an ever growing number of testimonials from individuals who are directly benefitting from this program.

In all my years in the internet marketing industry, I have never come across a company boss with such passion, energy, vision and transparency as Jeremy Rush. Zukul was already a very successful business before Guaranteed Signups was added a year later. It is now surging forward and more and an ever growing number of members are benefitting financially.

The company’s next major product launch was Zukul Ad Network (ZAN) which entered the market on April 1st 2016 and has already brought in over 4,500 members (July 2016).

In the last quarter of 2016 Zukul will be adding Zukul Gold to its ever growing suite of products. This is a gold MLM program that requires a very low one-time payment of €40 to get involved. I feel that this product will generate a lot of interest as members will be able to accrue actual gold as part of this program.

Soon after the launch of Zukul Gold will come Zukul Paid to Post. I feel that this program will generate the most excitement of all. So, what is “Paid to Post?” Those who join and are approved into the Paid to Post system will literally be paid up to $0.90 for each and every post that they make on social media. These could be posts promoting Zukul’s many products or a third party business that would like social media promotion.

This opportunity is well worth exploring further so to find out more visit Guaranteed Signups.

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