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New Technological Advancements in Concrete

So you see it everywhere. Concrete. The concrete jungle has overgrown the jungle. So what’s the horizon of this weed that envelops our lives? What new innovations have brought concrete to what it is today? Let’s take a look shall we?

HPC. That stands for high performance concrete. And it’s the latest and greatest concrete tech out now. I did some searching online for concrete and discovered this little gem. So apparently HPC is way better than the standard concrete you see most everywhere. For starters, it contains recycled material. Got to love recycle. Points. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions as well as energy consumption. Win win.

HPC also lasts way longer than older concrete. We’re talking hundreds of years verse decades. This means a lot less in the land fill over time. Another point for new concrete tech. Less mess in a landfill translates into other benefits like by-products seeping into water supplies.

Enough about HPC. Let’s talk BSI. This new concrete technology has sky high tensile muscle. Not to mention it’s flexible. Picture that. Flexible, super strong concrete! What? I mean what’s this world comming to? Where buildings will bend in the wind. These characteristics give BSI super powers like resistances to chemical corrosion. It also gives BSI structures extra life!

Last but not least is Ductile. This little puppy is denser than BSI. What does that do for you? Super human strength. Well super concrete strength more like. It gets it strength from hair. Not any old horse hair. But steel hair! Yep. You heard right. Steel freakn hairs embedded throughout. This gives this new concrete tech freak powers like the ability to withstand earthquakes!

Now these new tech might come with a pretty impressive upfront price tag, but it’s the long term savings in maintenance that you have to think about. Not to mention they just look good longer. And who wants ugly concrete everywhere they look? Not to mention this new tech will squash far less people than their predecessors.

So that’s all for this one peeps. I’m out.

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