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Paint Inspection Tech Toy

Paint inspection tech? Yep.

Hang in there with me. You see painting has slowly started getting more technical. Why? Because of smart homes. So it only makes sense that paint inspectors would have to start getting, well, more technical in their approach.

So what new gadgets are in the paint inspection world? Let’s find out.

How about seeing through walls!? Superman what? Serious. It’s called thermal imaging and paint inspectors are putting it to good use. No longer is the paint inspector limited by their vision. Thermal imaging devices allow them to go beyond their sense of sight and see into the walls of a home. This allows for a far superior paint inspection.

So how does it work? It uses infrared tech. This basically means it uses heat to see. Remember the Preditor movie? Cool right?

So what use is it to a paint inspector? Well, they can use it for a range of things. They can use it to find moisture problems, electrical problems, foundation problems, and even problems with your plumbing.

I did some searching online and talked with a paint inspector at painters Pittsburgh. They said they don’t use it yet, but that they are taking classes for it now and will be shortly. I called several others in different locations and found only 1 that had been using it for a few months. The others had heard of it and were looking into. They all agreed it was a good investment and well worth the cost and effort.

So that’s all today ladies and gents. Till next time we meet.

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