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What Innovative Idea Will Take Concrete To The Next Level?

Innovation is a hot topic right now with engineers and contractors looking to create new ways to work more efficiently and deliver value to projects and customers. While the construction industry is not exactly known for innovation, there are new methods and materials that you can use to create greater efficiency. The innovation idea that is taking concrete to the next level is the use of supplementary cementing materials when making concrete. These materials contribute to hardening the concrete through either hydraulic or pozzolanic activity. You can use them to reduce cement contents, thus improving the work-ability of fresh concrete, increase its strength and enhance its durability after it hardens.

Some of the materials used by a concrete contractor when making the concrete harder include fly ash, slag cement and silica fume. For example, adding fly ash and slag cement as supplements when making concrete is crucial in enhancing its stability during construction. Silica fume has also been shown to be effective in making concrete more robust and able to resist any chloride ion penetration.

In essence, there are numerous reasons why you should incorporate this innovative idea when looking to take concrete to the next level. Apart from reducing the percentage of cement in the concrete, these materials improves its quality in terms of being more reliable and durable. The innovation is focused on making the concrete harder and, therefore, efficient for construction. Furthermore, when you use these materials in making concrete, you contribute to preserving and protecting the environment because it keeps fly-ash, slag cement and silica fume from the landfill. Also, by using these materials, you help in reducing cement consumption, thus improving the environment by preventing carbon release from cement production.

By now, it is evident that the construction industry is entering a new era in terms of construction materials due to the new revolutionary techniques. SCMs are bound to take concrete to the next level based on their ability to improve its work-ability and cohesion. This innovative idea is crucial because it enhances the quality of concrete as well as helping to protect the environment. The supplements also ensures that your concrete is not permeable to water and does not expand when it comes in contact with any reactive.

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